Own content management system (CMS) for web portals

This project is systematically developed during subsequent creations of internet web portals (for example this one). Enriched by new experiences, I add new functionalities and improve those written previously in order to write pages which are transparent, fast and secure. Significant incentive for developing this project is a fact, that this is a subject of my master thesis.

    Demo of admin panel available at: http://www.ruszczynski.eu/cms/ .

  1. Project goal

  2. Aim of that project is to write flexible, based on MVC, CMS, which would be easily adapted to variety of web projects. To achieve that, system is created on the basis of independent modules, which can be quickly attached to projects.

  3. Used technologies

  4. System is written in PHP 5 what gives an opportunity to write in an environment based on objects. The most frequent used database system is MySQL, but system is written in such a way, that it would cooperate with as many database systems as possible (the key is to avoid sql queries specific for concrete databases). The newest version uses XML and XSLT transformations in order to display pages. Supporting technologies are: javascript (allowing validation on client side) and mod_rewrite on Apache server (creating search engine friendly links for dynamically created pages).

  5. Benefits of using XML and XSLT transformations

  6. Use of XML and XSLT transformations gives this projects new opportunities. XML allows simple integration with e.g. widgets or desktop applications independently from platform on which are they working. The advantage of using XSLT is the fact, that we can easily divide controller and view layers. What is more, in such situation, when there is a need to develop view layer, you are not obliged to know architecture of CMS system. In case, when the page do not have to be interactive, there is a possibility to render whole site and upload it to a server as a directory with static html files. This action significantly improves loading of pages and saves server resources. It can be also done in a way, that some files on the server are static html files and some are dynamically created. In situation, when all site is in static html files, there is no need to use hosting with PHP and database system (cost reduction).

Screen for showing possible actions in admin panel Screen for adding record Screen for editing record Screen showing data for selected table

Made by Krzysztof Ruszczyński (on the basis of own CMS system)
Graphics provided by jcd.pl