Grunwald Realtime Internet Game (ggi)

It is realtime internet game written in PHP 5 with use of MySQL database. Project was supported with CSS and Javascript. It was written for Wspólnota Drużyn Grunwaldzkich (scout group in Poland). The project consists of more than 50 tables in database and more than 30 PHP classes. PHP code (without HTML code) exceeds 400 kilobytes. The game is available at .

  1. Introduction

  2. The game is set in late medieval age in Poland. Each player is a knight family. The goal is to prepare a strong military force at the end of the game. In order to do this, particapants have lands where they can do farming. What is more, they have villages (at least one at the beginning) and they have a possibility to have cities. In cities and villages they can build a variety of workshops. Products, which are made there, can be used by a player or can be sold. There is a possibility to sign trade agreements between players.

  3. Admin account

  4. The most significant account is this for admin. Admin can see nearly all of game data. There are data of game users and data for mechanisms, which are performed every month in game time (1 day in reality stands for 7 days in game). You can change them manually, so you can smoothly change some rules during a game (changes will be seen in next mechanism counting). The example of that mechanisms can be one with farming. It is counted each month for each village and city. Depending on region, where the property is situated and number of inhabitants, a certain number of goods is added to player s treasury.

  5. User account

  6. The game is available only for people who have accounts created by admin. During the first log on, they have a configuration panel where they can choose properties of their knight family. After fulfilling this form, they are able to play this game. The first screen, which they would see after logging, would be a screen of a city, which is the capital of the region where this family is. By clicking on each building on that screen, they are redirected to a panel responsible for some actions in game (for example trading).

  7. Observer account

  8. This type of account looks very similar to user account. The only difference is that with this account you are not able to make any decisions in game.

  9. Authors

  10. Own PHP script with use of MySQL database - Krzysztof Ruszczyński.
    Graphics - Adam Czajkowski.

  11. Screens from game

Fragment of price list of goods in different regions Screen with player s data Example excerpt from forum Table with members of player s family Map of terrains which are involved in the game Place where you can choose what to build (in your village or town) View on player s village (with chapel and sawmill built) Screen for managing specialists serving player s family Screen with view on city (first view after logging) Screen for managing military units Place where players can support other players in conflicts between them

Made by Krzysztof Ruszczyński (on the basis of own CMS system)
Graphics provided by