Web portal for Maximus International Fashion Home & Art Wholesale Centre

This service was prepared for one of the biggest wholesale centre in Central-East Europe - Maximus International Fashion Home & Art Wholesale Centre belonging to Sybilgroup. Portal is available at http://www.maximus.ch. Page works on my PHP script and uses MySQL database. Graphics were provided by an external company.

  1. Introduction

  2. Project has three main modules. First is responsible for managing website content. Another two are admin panels. One is for the manager of the wholesale centre. The second one is for each of the shop, which are renting space in that centre. They have an ability to change informations (which users will see on the website) about their shops. What is more, there is an internal search engine which explores site content or shops in order to find asked phrase (shop owners can define their own keywords).

  3. Content Management

  4. This system was projected in order to support adding content in different languages. Every time the site is refreshed, PHP script generates javascript responsible for menu situated in upper part of the main site.

  5. Admin panel for Wholesale Centre manager

  6. Here we can decide, which properties can be set by shop owners (for example credit card payment). We also have a possibility to send messages to shop owners. What is more, we define categories which are shown on the main page in menu (written in javascript). Manager can also add a new shop. Newly created shop can log in a panel, which is described below.

  7. Panel for shop owners

  8. In this panel shop owners have a possibility to change data about their companies. They can add news about their shops (in all languages in which site is working). Last, but not least, is the ability of adding and removing photos associated with the shop.

  9. Screenshots

Menu on the main site (dynamically created javascript code) Subpage in english Search results from internal search engine Subpage showing information about the shop Panel for shop owners Admin panel for Wholesale Centre manager - edition of categories displayed in menu on the main site

Made by Krzysztof Ruszczyński (on the basis of own CMS system)
Graphics provided by jcd.pl